What’s in season?

Eating what is in season gives you a variety of different tastes, textures and colours throughout the year. So what’s in season and available at farmers markets in the North East in the summer months?

The wheat and barley are turning golden, pastures and hay meadows are bright with wild flowers, so both arable and livestock farmers – and also the bees are enjoying the good weather so far this year. And our seasonal foods will reflect the weather – and taste good.
Get a real taste of your surrounding countryside and coast when you buy local honey, milk, cheeses, fish and really free range eggs.

We have some skilled and committed farmers offering us some of the best fresh meat at Farmers’ Markets in NE England. Meat from field beef, hill lamb and free range poultry and pigs taste better when they eat grass and a range of wild herbs.
As the Soil Association says: “Antibiotics have revolutionised modern medicine and saved millions of lives. But most antibiotics are not used to save life – nearly 50% of all antibiotics are used in farming, primarily in intensive livestock production to compensate for crowded and unnatural conditions on factory farms.”
This contributes to the decreasing effectiveness of these vital medicines for humans. Buying direct from producers at Farmers Markets means you can ask what their animals are fed on to help you make your choices.

In mid to late August there will be sweet, tender hill lamb – delicious with new potatoes and mint – and by September grouse, pheasant and other tasty game will be in season.

The 2018 blossom honey is available from June and July, but this year’s vintage heather honey arrives in August and September.

Locally grown vegetables and soft fruits are now coming into season.

This is the time of year when local produce is at its best in NE England and will be celebrated on 29th July at Saltburn Food Festival, 1st & 2nd September at Berwick Food Festival, Alnwick Food Festival on 22nd & 23rd September and Taste Cumbria in Cockermouth on 28th and 29th September.