3rd Nov: Markets should stay fully open

The markets and farmers markets community nationally is campaigning for markets to have parity with supermarkets as essential retail outlets and be allowed to – and supported to – remain open through the Second Lockdown

A Change.Org petition is available


Markets across the UK have been at the heart of our towns, cities and communities for centuries and have a proven track record in supplying local people with food and goods.

As England enters another period of lockdown, we demand that the Government give markets parity with supermarkets in terms of the supply of essential and non-essential goods during this period. Markets should be allowed to remain fully open.

Markets have demonstrated throughout 2020 that they are a safe and reliable source of goods for local and vulnerable people. They are a vital asset to the vibrancy and economy of local communities, and they should be allowed to remain fully open.

This petition is supported by the two main industry bodies for markets.

NABMA (National Association of British Market Authorities)
NMTF (National Market Traders Federation)

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