How to add your Google Map Code

Step 1

Open Google Maps and search for your business or your postcode. Once you have the correct location, zoom in to the view that you feel best shows your location in relation to the roads and surrounding area.

Add Your Google Map Code 1

Step 2

In the left hand column click ‘Share’ (if you can’t see the left hand column click your businesses pin and the left hand column should appear) this will open a little popup window showing a few options.

Add Your Google Map Code 2

Step 3

Click the ‘Embed a map option’ at the top of the popup and the map view that is to be embedded will show along with the Google code that we need to show our map on the listing (starting <iframe src=”https://www.etc). Click the ‘COPY HTML’ next to the Google code and the code will be copied.

Step 4

Return to the Add Your Event form, go to the Google Map Code field and paste in your code. That’s it!

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