In Season at Farmers Markets

Early spring rather than winter is perhaps the low point for local produce in the North East

In April, the new lambs are in the fields – and though there is some lowland lamb for eating, the Northumbrian Hill lamb won’t be ready till August or September
It’s the end of the winter veg but the early summer veg isn’t really ready yet – most of the veg producers are selling bedding plants, but you’ll find some early lettuce, herbs etc
Game is out of season – though there’s rabbit to be had for an ‘Easter Bunny Pie’.

Hens respond to the lighter days by increasing egg production so between mid-March and mid-October eggs are plentiful. If you buy eggs at a Farmers’ Market you can ask about the type of hens and how they are kept. Now is the best time to include omelettes on the menu and egg custard goes perfectly with stewed rhubarb.

And of course – there are always the great Northumbrian cheeses, ham, bacon, sausages – not to mention conserves and chutneys.

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